GUYS!!! Play The Game

Alright guys Monday seems like the best time to do this blog. I’m starting it off with a banger. This is a shout out to all my single guys out there. Real simple, stop looking desperate. Now you may ask, Ryan what do you mean by that, easy, Women will use and abuse you if you let them. Now I could write a book on the ways guys fuck up with girls, but I have shit to do, you have shit to do, so lets keep this short.

Buddy of mine hit me up Sunday night, bragging about getting a girls number on Saturday and linking up with her that night to go eat and watch the night NFl game. Worst brag of all time, dumb, stupid, naive. Love the guy don’t get me wrong, but man come on! Newly single, out of the grind for a while, sure, but this is entry level stuff. You cannot blow up a girls phone the day after you meet her at a bar trying to hang out.

You may say, but Ryan, I’m horny….I’ll get to that don’t you worry my Line friends. Here is the Ryan Rule when it comes to girls you meet at a bar. There are only two options for texting, if she texts you that night try to go bang her, if that doesn’t work out or she’s “not that kind of girl” (they are all that kind of girl at some point or another) then you MUST resist the thumbs. Personally I’m a believer in a text middle of the week letting her know that you and the boys are going out that weekend. Nice and light, take a good 20 minutes to answer each text, you are busy, thats the vibe you wanna give off, interested but aloof. I cannot stress this enough, interested but aloof.

What does interested but aloof mean? It means that you don’t push her aside but you damn sure don’t move things around or seem like you are completely focused on her. But Ryan I like her, no no no. You don’t, you like drunk bar girl her, trust me 11am on a tuesday her is waaaaay different. You have to give her a reason to feel like a text from you is special not like a text from her mom telling her that her neighbors dog keeps getting out. Shes not your best friend, shes a bimbo at a bar, for now.

She met you out with your friends the first time, no reason you shouldn’t keep that train rolling. Your friends are your best asset, they can build you up, you by yourself, you are just a normal dude with a boring ass job. So as a review, don’t ask them out the next day, don’t text them the next day, don’t make a date, its only going to give her the impression that you have no other options.

Every rule has an exception, this one is the dream. She blows your phone up to come watch the game the next night at her place (doesn’t have to be a game you dummy). Well boys, that’s the ole green light, that’s the message you jump on and tell her you can come by AFTER dinner, very important, AFTER DINNER. You run by the store and grab your favorite non scented condoms and you get ready to take a girl that you know for sure her name starts with a “C” to pound town.

Thanks for the time guys, this stuff is easy if you play it right, let me know what you think of the premiere lifestyle blog from the great BULLY THE LINE brand.

Happy hunting boys


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