Worlds toughest man David Goggins runs 15 miles off course in the MOAB 240; battles back to top 10; gets hospitalized; still finishes race

Retired Navy Seal and worlds toughest man David Goggins had an unbelievable MOAB 240 finish. For those that don’t know the MOAB 240 is a 5 day 240 mile footrace through desert, canyons, slick rock, two mountain ranges surrounded by Canyon lands and Arches National Parks in Utah.

During the 2nd of the race David ventured off the trail and ran 7.5 miles south of the race trail. David then had to backtrack back to the race course covering 15 miles. David who was in 2nd place fell to 75th place.

goggins race

After getting back on track he was able to get back within 9th place before David started experiencing  pulmonary edema at the 200 mile marker and had to pull out of the race. The doctors told David that he shouldn’t race at that altitude or race for 14 days. The decision to seek medical treatment was a automatic disqualification for him. But that didn’t stop Goggins after 1 day in the hospital he was back out on the trail.

David Goggins is a true inspiration for anyone that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish it. Be sure check out Goggins interviews with Joe Rogan below and by the end of them you’ll be ready to run threw a brick wall.

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Update from David

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Unofficial finisher of 250 miles! #stayhard

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